I’d would also rather go the long way ’round than face war

Y’all know that verse, 1Corinthians 10:13? How easy it is to quote it at others when they are facing trials and temptations, but oh how quickly we forget to quote and apply it when we find ourselves facing the fiery darts of the evil one without our spiritual armour in place. Be honest now, did you put on your armour  this morning? Is your shield of faith firmly grasped in your arm, to defend against those blows from Satan? I confess, this week has been a difficult one for me, dealing with this that and the next thing; I really need to get my shield, and the other pieces of armour and STAND.


but I digress…

…it is easy to tell others that they will not be tempted beyond what they can bear but believing that for ourselves in the midst of temptation, is a very different story isn’t it? I mean let’s face it, if we did believe that, and lived it, we really would be more than conquerors wouldn’t we? Yet we fall time and time again because how quickly we forget that the battle has already been won; all we have to do is STAND and this too shall pass. It’s quite funny if you think about it. Or maybe my sense of humour is just really quirky. Anyway.
I was reminded of first-corinthians-ten-thirteen this week as I continued my chapter-a-day study of Exodus. In Exodus 13:17, we see God leading the Hebrews the long way round so that their hearts would not be weakened by thought of war.

“Now it came about when Pharaoh had let the people go, that God did not lead them by the way of the land of the Philistines, even though it was near; for God said, ‘Lest the people change their minds when they see war, and they return to Egypt,'” (Exodus 13:17).

How awesome is God, I ask you? He didn’t put on the Hebrews more than they could bear, just as He will not put on us more than we can bear. Effectively what this means is that the only battles you will ever be faced with are ones in which victory is guaranteed. Yeah I said it: GUARANTEED. If you have to fight it, you will beat it. You got this! Now run tell dat!
If you’re lost right now give yourself a few minutes and that lightbulb will come on.
Got it? Good. Moving on…

So what am I saying? I’m saying you have to internalise first-corinthians-ten-thirteen because it is TRUTH, the kind of truth that will save you a lot of heartache if you believe it. How do you internalise it? By using it in conjunction with the armour previously mentioned. I of all people know that this is easier said than done – if you know anything about me you know that I haven’t always walked in victory and I’m betting that you haven’t always walked in victory either. That’s OK – Grace abounds and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. The point is, when your faith is weak – and those times will come, trust-  that’s when you should lean on Him even more. As I told a friend this week – God can handle you telling Him that you’re having a crisis of faith. He doesn’t want you to just struggle through that all by your lonesome, He wants you to BOLDLY approach His throne and tell him what you need. Isn’t that what Christ died for? So that we can have that exact kind of intimacy with God the Father, the Creator of all?

I refuse to wallow in weakness any longer, i refuse to allow crises of faith (and I do mean crises) stop me from reaching my full potential in God. The Word of God says I am more than a conqueror and it’s time I believe that and live like I believe that.


It took reading Exodus 13:17 to get this epiphany – if I needed any confirmation that good morning girls is where I need to be right now, I have received it. Amen and amen.

…and just for laughs:


Have a happy weekend ‘allbody’, walk in the Light!


What I learnt in the second week of Exodus

So here I am at the end of the second week of the good morning girls study of the book of Exodus.
This is what God has placed on my heart to share:
– if you listen God will speak, and if you trust, God will act.
I don’t know how it is for others, but for me the ‘voice of God’ isn’t a loud booming voice coming from the nearest tree or showerhead. I don’t so much hear the voice of God as feel it, and what it feels like is clarity of purpose. It feels like assurance that that thing I think I should do is the very thing I should do. It feels like conviction that this action needs to happen, these words need to be said, this email needs to be typed out and sent…see where I’m going with this?
              And God acting? How does God act, how does he move? He uses people. More so now in the age of Christ, than in any other time in history – at least as far as I know. God acts through us. He uses people who are sensitive to his prompting and obedient to him to fulfill His purposes. That’s how He acts: through people.
God uses us to bless others and uses others to bless us. Other people carry our miracles, just as we carry other people’s miracles. God acts, and he acts through other people.

What does all this have to do with Exodus I hear you ask?
Well, I’m not sure exactly, I’m typing as the Spirit moves me, you see but why do you think God told Pharaoh, through Moses, everything that He was going to do? I mean, He’s God, he could have just gone ahead and done it and somebody would have figured it out eventually and said, as they spit out flies, -wait one minute, this must be God. God warned Pharaoh, through Moses, and each plague stopped when Moses entreated God until Pharaoh acted up and the next plague rolled into town. So what does this mean? If the Old Testament is a kind of foreshadowing of the New Testament, then …. Get it? -God uses people to accomplish his will! Not because he has to but because that’s how He has chosen to operate.

What does this mean for you and me? It means our relationships matter. It means it matters who we choose to associate with. It matters who we spend our time with. It matters how we treat others. Are we a blessing to them or a stumbling block? Are we allowing God to use us to bless others? Are we open to the blessings that God has for us that come via our relationships? Food for though, hmm?

I tried to find images to go with this post and I failed. Here are some pictures because real blog posts have images from my end-of-year holiday instead.

See the three giraffe?

Giraffes at sunset

Elephant, almost close enough to touch

Elephant, almost close enough to touch

Have a happy weekend!

because i need some structure and accountability in my life

towards the end of last year i came across this website: Women Living Well and i was immediately hooked. i knew i’d have to do this. i don’t remember how exactly i ended up on that site but i believe God led me there and well, here i am.

briefly, Women Living Well is a site for women who want to walk closer with God and it provides a variety of resources to help them achieve that. i’m probably not conveying how great Courtney’s site is, but if you take a look around it you’ll know exactly what i mean.

i signed up for one of the ‘Good Morning Girls groups’ and i’ve already met some wonderful women who are as keen to deepen to their walk with the Lord, and as honest about their struggles as i am. after years of swinging between weak atheism and strong agnosticism, the time has come for me to stand up for what i believe in: a personal God, who cares what happens to me and wants a real relationship with me. do i have all the answers? no, of course not, but i have enough to know that right now at this point in my life, i’m in the right place.

i haven’t done very well with posting regularly but hopefully that is all going to change sooner than later. i’m looking forward to this journey and i expect miracles in 2015 and beyond!