If God were to look into your heart right now, what do you think He’d find?

funny thing about this post, only two of the pics I uploaded pulled through. No matter how many times I tried to upload the others failed. What’s that about?

In reading the dry text of Exodus 25 I came to the realization that God tells us what He wants, when He wants it, how He wants it – and he doesn’t compromise.
There’s no bargaining with His statutes, no negotiations, no compromise. This is a very difficult thing, a very heavy thing indeed.
God spelt out exactly, down to the last cubit, how he wanted His ark. In detail. He didn’t say, oh you know just a squareish thingy with handles and oh by the way you can cover it with gold if you happen to have any lying around. Gold, by the way, that He made provision for even before the Hebrews left Egypt. Think that was a stroke of luck?

Why do we think God would be so specific about an inanimate object and be less so about what He requires from us? We have seen God give commandments and precepts in the preceding chapters – again, very specific. My thinking is that this God isn’t about to let anything slide. This is not the kind of god to whom you can ‘explain’ your shortcomings. He’s not here for that, as modern-day lingo would put it. This is one big, scary God.

This is the same God who, knowing full well that you could never meet his standard, allowed for a blood sacrifice so that you could still stand before Him, and not only stand, but call him Abba while you’re there. To skip a lot of theology – OT sacrifices of animals foreshadowing Christ on the Cross- this God gave His Son that you might have eternal life. -But He is still who He is and He still doesn’t compromise. He still wants what He wants, in the way He wants it, when He wants it. In other words, He is still God and nothing you do or say to justify your disobedience will move Him.

– but he looks at the heart

I hear you exclaim. Yes indeed He does, and you know as well as I do that your heart is deceitful above all else.


For example: you know deep down that you’re to dress modestly whatever that looks like and yet here you are, dolled-up to the nines with all your albeit lovely bits either hanging out and tightly encased in some material that leaves little to the imagination. You lie say to yourself – it doesn’t matter what I wear because God looks at the heart. Uhm, what is in your heart exactly?

You know you want the thrill that comes from noting his eyes stray to your cleavage, or from walking away and then looking back over your shoulder to find him admiring your backside. You know you want, nay crave that attention, and you know it’s because you’ve got that ache deep inside you that you try, over and over and always unsuccessfully, to magic away with illicit sex, or improper relationships, or drugs, or drink, or the quest for yet another degree, or a higher salary -or whatever your poison is. That is what is in your heart, and that is what motivates your actions. I see you.

Am I saying it’s wrong to want to be admired, to want to look good, attractive even? Honestly this issue of what is appropriate dress and even if there is such a thing as appropriate dress is too long to be dealt with today and isn’t even the point of this post.

I know you got lost there, keep up now:
The point I’m making is this: just because you justify your actions by saying God looks at the heart knowing full well that the last thing you want is for God to really look at your heart, doesn’t make your actions justifiable before God and it doesn’t mean God understands. What God understands is obedience and you availing yourself of the Grace that is given to you, not you deliberately and knowingly sinning, talkin’ bout ‘God understands my weaknesses’…
Come on now, stop with that mess.

Author: rooibosandgrace

Living life loud, growing natural hair, using my words as God leads. - a recipient of Grace.

One thought on “If God were to look into your heart right now, what do you think He’d find?”

  1. Thank you. Great message 🙂 God be praised. I pray we will all stop hiding under the blanket of grace and start living the life of holiness and obedience we have been called to, as Children of God. Amen.


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