Stick to your truth, or, Why I haven’t posted yet

I have an incomplete Proverbs 3 post in my drafts folder. I haven’t published it because there is just so much to say but for some reason I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and unlike myself. I spent all of Thursday preparing for an interview I had on Friday, and as I prepped, I kept telling myself I’d complete the Proverbs 3 post, and move on to Proverbs 4 & 5.
Well, the truth is I did everything except complete that post and move on to the next, and it wasn’t until just now that I figured out why.
Writing the Proverbs 3 post wasn’t as cathartic as all my other posts on this blog have been. It felt like going through the motions, writing for the sake of being able to say I wrote something, and that is not how I want to run this blog, and certainly not how I want to experience the book of Proverbs. The mistake I made was in forgetting my mandate in blogging through the Bible: mine is not to teach you the Word or write expositions on the texts. Mine is to share how the various texts have made on impact me by giving real practical examples from my own life. This blog is not only for my readers to see the Word through my eyes, but it is a record of the times and the ways in which God has spoken specifically to me; a record I will need in times of stress and a record to refer to in times of praise. I was about to get caught up in the hype of blogging through the Bible, the validation of seeing those likes and ping-backs and getting comments and more views … I am so glad I did not publish that post because it would not have been authentically me.
A key aspect of this endeavour is maintaining my integrity as I write each post, and there are days when it feels like sticking to the schedule is the most important thing, which for it isn’t. I can’t allow the schedule to dictate what I post and when, so if I’m a few days late with a post, it’s because life is still happening and I’m not perfect, not even trying to be. If this comes across as me making excuses for not posting according to the schedule, so be it. I’ll be 34 soon (gifts welcome!), I need to be able to speak my truth and live it regardless of the commentary. As far as this blog goes, my truth is that I won’t always post on the day I’m supposed to and the reasons for that are many and varied, not least that some chapters are harder to get into than others and need a bit more time if I’m not going to post just for the sake of posting.
I just wanted to put this out there so that you know what I’m about. We can’t take this journey together if you’re in the dark about what drives me.
Stay blessed!

Author: rooibosandgrace

Living life loud, growing natural hair, using my words as God leads. - a recipient of Grace.

2 thoughts on “Stick to your truth, or, Why I haven’t posted yet”

  1. Writing/thinking from the heart is the essence of God’s will. It is our hearts where his wisdom is stored and where we can find his saving grace. “Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be.” Luke 12:34

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