Because trust, marriage is divine

The power of a man is in the woman he loves and chooses to spend his life with. A wife is a sacred being. To be a wife is to be forever changed. A wife holds her husband’s life in her hand. Feminists arise and say ‘but men…’ Yes, I hear you and I agree: men should carry a fair portion of the blame. But as the woman is different to the man, so too is the wife different from the husband. A man’s strength, his manhood, his manliness is measured by how he provides for, protects and ministers to his wife. A woman’s betrayal of her husband is a direct blow to that man, to the very core of him, the part of him that is man. Who does not know that the quickest, surest and most effective way to destroy a man is to sleep with his wife, and make sure he finds out about it? What does that do to a man? Is such a man not humiliated beyond any action he may take to save face? Do you not feel sorry for him? And the feelings are so confused because on the one hand he is a victim: his wife cheated on him, but on the other, come on, his wife cheated on him. To be a girlfriend caught cheating is one thing, but to be a wife, a cheating wife? That is another thing altogether. There’s no cheating girlfriend tag on adult sites but items in the cheating wife category abound. There’s a difference, and there’s a reason for that difference.
I read something somewhere, a line that went ‘when a woman loves a man he is her strength, but when a man loves a woman she is his weakness.’ There is so much deep profound truth in that statement. Let he who has ears hear.

Author: rooibosandgrace

Living life loud, growing natural hair, using my words as God leads. - a recipient of Grace.

One thought on “Because trust, marriage is divine”

  1. Yes marriage is divine I agree with that wholeheartedly. My wife is a wondrous gift from God and deserves my dying respect and love until my last breath. She is also human and flawed just like me. With grace, love, and God’s blessing we share a life that knows no bounds.


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