The Answer to Every Question

Lately I have had constant reminders about the fact that God does not need me to struggle against anything; His strength is sufficient in my weakness,  I need only be still and remember that He is God. I’m not saying this will be true for everyone at every point in time and in every circumstance. I am saying that this is true for me now.

God will do great things as I seek Him and call upon His name – that is true at every time and in every circumstance.  His vision will come to fruition – I do not need to fight the battles myself; I need only to rest in Him and be still. I cannot begin to explain how much of God’s favour and mercy I have experienced since I began to be intentional about resting in God rather than trying to operate from an attitude of effort and struggle.

Wait for the vision,  it will materialise though it tarry; do not fight, only remember that the Lord who is great and awesome will fight for you.

Thank you Jesus that you are the answer to every question, the comfort to every fear, the satisfaction of every hunger, that in your name there is peace, everlasting peace that surpasses all understanding.