Let There Be Peace

My prayer for anyone reading this is that you may know the peace of God in your life.

I pray that you may experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, that your heart may be at ease in all matters affecting your life.

My prayer for you is peace about your finances: I pray that you meet Jehovah Jireh the God who provides, and never again worry about what you shall eat or drink or wear, or what your children shall eat or how they shall get to school. Worry is not of God and I pray that it shall not be your portion.

I pray for peace about your relationships. I pray that you learn the art of giving of your treasure, whether that is your time, your money or anything else that another may need. I pray these things for you because God works His miracles through people and I want you to be a miracle-giver for those in your life, and that this might be returned to you a thousand-fold. I pray for the love of God to overwhelm you and through you to be spread throughout your community; I pray for love to be returned to you in abundance; I pray for you to walk so close with God that no human relationship can hurt you, but that in all relationships -with family, lovers, colleagues- your heart is hidden deep in God and protected by Him.

I pray peace over the full scope of your life. I rebuke fear, worry, pain, anger and bitterness. I pray these things for you dear reader, through the blood of Christ and in His name.