Choose Life

​This is the thing: at the end of the day, you are responsible for your own happiness. It is up to you to change the faulty thinking that’s led to your current situation; no one else can take the necessary action to alter your circumstances. Only you and you alone can make you happy, nobody else can change your life. 

I know the excuses: daddy issues, a deprived childhood, a mean mother, a stingy husband, hateful relatives, sub-par education, you belong to a minority, you’re a victim of abuse, you’re shy, an oppressive government…

…yes it’s been rough and in many ways it still is.  I am sorry, really I am. However, the choice to stay stuck where you are right now -in a dysfunctional relationship, a dead-end job – whatever it is – the choice to remain there is yours and yours alone because YOU have the power to choose something different. 
YOU can choose to be alone instead of unhappy, because alone doesn’t equal lonely and unhappy in a relationship is just that: unhappy. 

You can choose to switch careers, to go back to school, to be an entrepreneur; you can choose financial independence and do the work it takes to achieve your goal. 

You can choose to make healthy food choices, to be more active, to just look after your body better, nje. 

You can choose to fight the system because you’d ‘rather stand tall than live on your knees*’…

The point is, YOU. CAN. CHOOSE. 
Before you is set life and death. Choose life.* 
*Conqueror – Estelle

*Deuteronomy 30:19

Author: rooibosandgrace

Living life loud, growing natural hair, using my words as God leads. - a recipient of Grace.

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