My Hair Has A Name and Other Things

Every cell in my body is crying in exhaustion. But do you know what I did? I washed my hair. Inbetween all of the things and a pharmacy run because u16s can’t buy cough mixture…I washed my hair. Deep conditioned, even. On a shitty day, my hair made me happy. She behaved. I think of her as a cantankerous middle-aged woman: great fun when she’s happy, stroppy and ill-behaved when she’s not. Nobody knows what makes her happy, and what made her happy today will not necessarily make her happy tomorrow. Beulah is notoriously difficult to please, but mostimes cute with it. She’s your favourite aunt, the naughty one that the adults clutch their pearls over  . 

Anyway, today Beulah was well-behaved. Maybe she’s like a man who treats you right only when he’s got competition. When you’re focused on him he’s difficult to reach and inattentive when you do get hold of him. The minute you get busy with your life or bring another man into the rotation (calm down, it’s called dating and it only involves sex if you’re doing it wrong – trust me, I know), and suddenly he’s blowing up your phone with date suggestions. Today of all days, today when I shouldn’t have been washing my hair because housework never ends and sick babies won’t sit down and colour, today I had a great washday; Beulah got some ack’wright and made me happy. 

Today Beulah was well-behaved. Today the dentangling detangled and the aloe vera juice did its job. The olive oil was a fail as usual (what can I say, I live in hope) but I can’t wait to undo the plaits and braid for the week. 😍

I also took a few minutes to drink in the sun . It was so lovely to do that. Such a blessing to be able to step outside and stand in the sun. The weather changed later in the day making the memory of those moments all the sweeter. It was a difficult day, but it was also filled with moments of incredible beauty. Running my hands through my hair as I rinsed out the conditioner. Sitting outside to plait it, remembering the times my mother did my hair (and attempting to recapture the memory while making sure the baby didn’t eat the haircream I was using and simultaneously swiping through pics on my phone to keep her entertained). Standing in the sun and loving it (before putting in a new load of laundry and hanging the just-washed one). In the backyard hanging the washing, wondering if this weekend  I’ll have time and energy to iron anything other than uniforms, not to mention that I need to make sure I have a minimum of 6 ready-to-wear outfits for the week: dresses, because who has time to look for TWO items of clothing, minimum, every day?! I thank God that in His wisdom He led me to giving up pants. Small mercies, hey? 

In amongst the chaos and the frenzy and the mothering, there was my son, generally being helpful, doing things like straightening the lounge and packing away the washed dishes (and needing to be fed). There was Beulah, treating me right, and there was the sun, giving me life. Yes, it was a difficult day and I’m glad it’s over, but I’m thankful for the beauty in it, for the reminders of grace. #scandalousgrace #countyourblessings 

What beautiful thing are you thankful for today? 

Author: rooibosandgrace

Living life loud, growing natural hair, using my words as God leads. - a recipient of Grace.

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