If You Never Come Into Contact With The Great Unsaved You’re Doing Church Wrong

I don’t know everything but I think if you’re calling yourself a Christian, a fully tithed-up church member and you say something like ‘I only have 4 unsaved people in my life,’ maybe, just maybe, you’re kinda missing some of the point?
The time will come when believers will band together for protection and safety, but right now, in this country, I’m sorry but if you’re ok with the fact that you’re far removed from The Great Unsaved, something is seriously wrong with your theology.

Churches by and large cocoon believers in these cotton-candy happy-clappy comfort zones where because everyone around you believes the same thing and is humming along to the same tune while doing the ‘holy two step’ -you know that shuffle where you raise your arms, lift your eyes heavenward and sway from side to side because ‘the spirit is moving’? – that’s the holy two-step – every one you know is singing, doing and claiming to feel the same things you are because you know, you’re ‘in the world but not of it.’ You ‘pray’ for the homeless and the sick and minister to the needy when it’s convenient, and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because obviously you’re saved and your faith is not dead.
My friend, sit down.

If Jesus sought out sinners – not to pat them on the head and assure them He’ll approach God on their behalf (praying for the ‘souls of the lost’) but to eat with and fellowship with them, what do you think you’re doing meeting with the SAME ‘saved’ people every week, twice a week? What gospel are you spreading? When? Where? To whom?

If the Apostles went out and STARTED churches, and then left those and started more churches while those people started still more churches, do you think they were filling benches with believers? Nah fam, we need to do better. I’m including myself because for all that I’m not a churchgoer, it’s not like I’m ‘saving souls’ by the hundreds either. We all need to do better.

We need to think about what church is and what it should be, about who is in church Sunday on Sunday (or Saturday, as the case may be), and about how, exactly, we’re fulfilling the Great Commission. And for all that your pastors tell you, giving them money to build (or rent) bigger and fancier church buildings is NOT what it’s about. Handing out tracts at a shopping centre once or twice year, isn’t what it’s about either.

What IS it about? I don’t know, exactly, but I do know that it’s not about being comfortable in knowing only 4 unsaved people, nor is it about hanging out with the same people each week and feeling smug about what ‘faithful servants’ we are because we didn’t miss church. If God no longer lives in buildings but is present in believers’ hearts then perhaps worshipping in spirit and in truth isn’t just about singing along to Hillsong and Bethel compilations and being ‘touched’ by the sermon.

Most people go to church for how it makes them feel, and to hang out with people who believe like they do. I don’t know everything but I do know that if I’m the light of the world then I need to go where there is darkness and bring light. What’s the point of turning on the lights at bright noontime? What does your pastor call himself doing, preaching to the converted week after week?

Think about it.