The Blessing of the Lord is Perfect…

…it brings no sorrow with it.


That’s right. The blessing of the Lord is perfect, it brings no sorrow with it. What kind of God would He be if His blessings brought us pain?

God wants to bless us.
He has plans to bring us prosperity not lack, because lack is not a kingdom reality.What does not exist in heaven can, should and must be banished from earth because on earth, as it is in heaven.

True Kingdom Living
If you say you’re living in the kingdom, living for the kingdom, then you cannot live in a manner that is not of the kingdom.  Lack is not a reality in the kingdom because for God to be God all things must be infinite in Him. It is impossible for your needs to be unmet if you are in God; impossible for your desires to go unsatisfied, if you are in God. God is infinite therefore His supply is infinite.

What my life must look like
Lack is thus an impossibility in the kingdom of God and for me, for whom all things are possible in Christ. As a Daughter of the King it therefore follows that lack cannot be a reality in my life, thus lack and poverty, if they exist in my life, are merely a signpost towards my abundance.

Lack is God saying ‘you’re going the wrong way’
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been doing, for how long, who taught you to do it, why you’re justified to believe it – none of that matters. What matters is, are you living a Kingdom life?
Are you experiencing the peace of God in your life?
Are you joyous in the Lord?
Are you living the abundant life that Christ died to give you?

If not, why not?

Take heed, listen.
God is telling you that you’re going the wrong way. God is telling you that your blessings are being highjacked and you need to do something about it.
Look at your life: what are you compromising on?
Where are you blocking your own blessings?
What manner of thing is standing between you and the abundance that God has for you? 

Go, therefore, and ready yourself for your blessing.

If Christ is in you, and His name is Excellent, Excellence must be in you. Excellence must be your standard. Poverty, lack…these things are not excellent and therefore these things cannot be God’s plan for you.
If God is Jehovah Jireh, why are you living a small, mean life of lack? If He is The All then shouldn’t you be walking in abundance and prosperity, daily?

God wants your prosperity, your success
Jehovah Jireh has only good things for you, pressed down shaken together and running over. You have one job: ready yourself for the blessing of God. Do that which is within you to do to come closer to God. In short: remove sin from your life, accept Grace, and be ruthless about both.

Last words
Pay no attention to those who teach that God has no desire for you to be wealthy or that He is unconcerned about your success. Pay no attention to those who teach that poverty is holy in any way. Equally pay no attention to those who keep you bound in the lie that wealth must come with bad consequences such as ill health or loneliness or meanness of spirit. Stand on the truth that God’s blessing is perfect and brings no sorrow with it.

The blessing of God makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it.

Proverbs 10:22


Morning Prayer


Do you find it a struggle to come up with words to pray? You shouldn’t. Prayer should be like talking to your closest friend, and we never run out of things to say to those we love the most, do we? And we never worry about those comfortable silences in the presences of those who know our hearts, right? It should be the same with God.

However, sometimes we need a little help. Sometimes we find ourselves in seasons where the words don’t flow as they should, and the silences are awkward rather than comfortable. I’ve been there many times and as long as I am on this earth I know I will be there again. Below you will find a prayer that I have put together, or rather, a prayer that Nissi has channeled through me for your use should you need it.

Use this prayer first thing in the morning to get ready for your day. Feel free to adapt it to make it more your own – it IS yours in fact, a gift from Nissi to you. Copy and paste it onto your device, print it out, write it out – use it as you please. Edit it, delete lines and add others – use it.

My prayer is for encounters with God for you and yours.

With love,



Jehovah Nissi, in the name of Jesus, I dedicate this day to You. I receive the anointing reserved for those You love and I hide in the shelter of Your protection, pleading the blood of Christ over anything and everything that is not of You.

By the power of Christ in me I declare that my enemies are scattered and their plans for my destruction fail for I am protected by the angels of the Holy One of Israel, He who has redeemed me, He who has called me by name and named me His. I plead the blood of Christ over this day and I anoint my angels with the power of Christ. I am protected and I am safe, and my children are protected and safe. The will of God rules this day and nothing that is outside of His will shall be of concern to me or mine.

Jehovah Nissi, my victory comes only from You and by You. Let my prayers meet You this morning, incline Your ear towards me and hear my cry. I declare this day and everything in it holy in Your presence and covered by Your might. I declare that this day shall proclaim Your glory as shall all the days following it.

I speak the will of God over this day; I speak the power of Jesus over this day and declare it consecrated and holy unto God. My actions this day will be pleasing to God, I claim the power of Christ in me and put to use the power of the Holy Spirit to make it so. Goodness and mercy shall follow me and go before me and blessings and grace shall fall upon me throughout this day.

I receive all the good things that God has set apart for me for today. Today I walk in abundance for the power in me commands favour and prosperity. By divine favour and divine right and through the power of Christ in me I receive every good thing that has my name on it. Blessings, favour, prosperity and abundance flow to me out of the Father’s abundance and by the power of Christ. The mighty power of God washes away all demonic influences blocking my blessings and I am unhindered in my prosperity, through the mighty power of God.

Today I will hear God’s voice and see as He wants me to see. Today I will be in God’s will at every moment; this day is set aside for God’s glory. I declare that this is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it.


Scripture References:

Job 38:12-13, Psalms 88:13, Psalms 67:5-6, Psalms 16:6, Matthew 16:19, Nahum 1:7, Matthew 6:10, Matthew 6:34, Job 36:11, Psalms 118:24

That Same Spirit IS In Me

Last night I woke up around 3am (never got back to sleep so I’m quite tired and cranky this morning) and I found myself reading this verse:

Romans 8:11
But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

I’ve heard people proclaim, when facing challenges, things like ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ and ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper.’ These are biblical verses but I sometimes wonder if we really realize just how much power and authority is available to us through the name of Christ. It hit me on reading Romans 8:11 that we say we have power through Christ but we don’t often act or live as though we do. At any rate, I often moan about this, that and the other without paying any mind to what I can do through the Christ who is in me.

Think about it. The same Spirit that raised Christ from death – that very same Spirit – is available to you. What can you not do, what can you not achieve with that kind of power? The problem is not that we need some special password or key to access it, by virtue of accepting Christ as your Saviour you have all the access you’ll ever need. I listen to Graham Cooke (link opens in new window) often and in one of his sermons he said something along the lines of ‘Jesus is brilliant and extraordinary.’ Well, Jesus is brilliant and extraordinary, and if that Jesus is in you and you in Him, what are you but brilliant and extraordinary too? The Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead also gives you life, and not just life, but life in abundance. What can you not do? You no longer need be in bondage to sin or your flesh or anything else – you have been set free by the Son. Trust me when I tell you that therefore you are free indeed.

John 8: 34-36
Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. 35 And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. 36 Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

Do you understand what freedom means? If you’re free you don’t act like you’re in prison, do you? Of course not! You carry yourself as one who can come and go as he pleases. By the same token, when the Son has set you free you don’t live as one who is slave to the flesh. When you know you have abundant life you don’t live as one who is lacking in any good thing. You must believe what the Word says and walk upright, confident in your victory in all things, over all things, for that victory is not only assured, but the battle has been fought and won already. You’re not fighting to be free from sin, you’re fighting to be free of the lie that you’re not free from sin.

This might be a difficult concept especially if you think of yourself as one who is ‘fighting’ his sin nature. If you’re fighting that battle then what did Christ die for? What happened on the Cross? No really, think about it.

What if you woke up and instead of fighting not to sin, you fought instead to live a Kingdom life, a life of abundance and freedom, a life of a resounding YES to every good thing?
What if instead of moaning about your finances and your health and your loneliness and your too-high rent (all things I’ve been heard to moan about by the way) you said ‘all things are working together for my good’ and believed that and talked and thought as if you believed it?
What if every time you were tempted you recalled that you are tempted to go backward, to a past that is as far removed from you as East is from West, and instead chose to reach for all that is pure and lovely and noble? Try it.
God will amaze you, surprise you, for no eye has seen and no ear has heard what God has in store for those that love him and believe in him.

January is, for most people, that time of year when we attempt to restart and refresh, when we press reset on our lives. I take stock twice a year -in January and around my birthday – and in 2016 I’m choosing to take God at His Word. Abundant life? Bring it, I’m here for it. He is faithful, I’m choosing to believe that He will not let me down. I’m choosing to believe His Word that all things work together for my good. Will you believe the same in 2016?